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Eliminating sales inefficiencies with Salesforce CPQ

kCura, now known as Relativity for its trademark eDiscovery software of the same name, was facing several challenges related to its complex sales processes and reporting. The company reached out to Simplus for help identifying its pain points, goals, and a path forward using a brand new implementation of Salesforce CPQ. Simplus delivered.

We implemented Salesforce CPQ for kCura in a way that was specifically built for and tailored to its business. We also configured a document generation engine that is compatible with kCura’s existing system to streamline reporting. Now, kCura can manage products, opportunities, and sales reporting with ease. All in all, the Simplus engagement and implementation of Salesforce CPQ has led to 38 percent more accurate quotes, 98 percent consolidation of product options, and a 99 percent increase in document generation speed.




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